Maintenance of street furniture


Our street furniture is almost maintenance-free, but if it needs cleaning for some reason, how should it be done?



Our street furniture is maintenance-free because the usual environmental effects do not apply to it. However, we recommend cleaning storage and bicycle shelters regularly to keep them looking attractive.


How often?

How often our shelters should be cleaned depends on many factors, such as their appearance, accessories, the surroundings and utilisation rate. However, we recommend cleaning them at least twice a year, using the same detergent for the walls and roof.



Wash lacquered profiles and wall panels with water and a soft sponge, using a mild detergent with a pH-value of approximately 5. Please note that alkaline cleaning materials must not be used, because both aluminium and the sheet material are alkaline-sensitive.



Clean roof panels with warm water and a soft brush or sponge, using ordinary detergent diluted in water. After washing, rinse them with water. If there is any algae growth on the roof, it can be cleaned with a special detergent designed to remove algae, after which the roof can be washed according to the instructions above. Please note that the roof must not be cleaned in direct sunlight or when the air temperature exceeds +25°C. Do not use a pressure washer, as it may damage the surface of the roof panels. Under no circumstances must the roof panels be cleaned with organic solvent, abrasive or polishing agents, or waxed, because such treatment may damage the UV protection of the plastic.


Removing snow

The roofs of our storage and bicycle shelters are built to endure an amount of snow that is normal for Finland. However, during winters with a lot of snow, the snow on the roof must be monitored and if snowdrifts pile up on the roof, they must be removed to avoid damage to the structure.



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