maisema metsa taustakuva

Our story – Kaskea Group brings a new beginning – without forgetting our roots.

Laatukilpi Oy and Härmän CNC-koneistus Oy merged on 30 November 2020 into a new company: Kaskea Group. This change was fuelled by our strong desire to grow and our faith in our positive prospects for the future. Being a larger company brings us better opportunities to make growth possible.

Kaskea Group is a combination of decades of strong expertise and best practices built up over a long time, but also the latest know-how and top expertise in several industries.

Our name, Kaskea Group, is grounded in the old Finnish land-clearance agriculture known as “kaskeaminen” – and like this ancient technique, we make space for new growth, development and the future. This theme is clearly visible in our visual image, which reflects the different hues of fire and conveys our dynamics and driving force. At the same time, our visual image highlights our shared themes: road signs, parking signs and the sparks of an engineering workshop.

Our slogan “Best solutions. Made together” communicates everything that Kaskea Group is and what we want it to be in the future. By joining forces, we achieve more. Under the umbrella of one company, we are able to offer a more diverse range of services and comprehensive solutions for our customers and partners. Our business segments – Kaskea Traffic, Kaskea Machinery and Kaskea Parking – complement and balance each other. As one company, we are also able to offer our employees a more dynamic workplace than ever, where they have plenty of opportunities to broaden their expertise, grow into new roles and evolve in the front lines of the field.

How We Operate

The way we work.

The way we work is a mixture of new, forward-looking dynamic action integrated with operating modes and best practices proven effective over several decades. Our values are what make us Kaskea Group – the way we want to work.

Always fair.

Our activities are always above board and based on fair, uncompromising work. We keep our promises. We are always happy to hear from you – and to help and serve you, and if there is something we don’t know, we will find out and figure out the perfect solution for you.

Doing it right the first time – every time.

A satisfied customer is our number one priority. We always deliver top-quality solutions that are designed to meet the customer’s exact needs. We are diligent and efficient and proud to be so – we do things right the first time round. You can trust in what we do the same way you can trust our promises.

We succeed as a team.

At Kaskea, everyone works together for a common goal – we encourage everyone to participate and no one is left out. Our excellent team spirit also reflects on our customers: we always provide service with a personal touch, find out exactly what you need and match your expectations. We renew and grow together.