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A signage solution that incorporates 100% Finnish quality and special know-how.

We want to support and help our customers in planning their signage. We provide advice on dimensioning and finding the appropriate structure for signs according to the provisions of the new Finnish Road Traffic Act and make sure that the products and solutions used are compatible. With our help, you will find the right overhead gantry or a combination of a post, pole base and sign plate for the intended use.

KAPU®-NE road sign posts – a Finnish non-energy-absorbing road sign post compliant with EN 12767 and EN 1289

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has instructed that posts with crash-safety properties must be used on highways and roads where the traffic volume exceeds 1,500 vehicles in a 24-hour period and the average speed is at least 60 km per hour.

The KAPU®-NE road sign post meets all the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s requirements concerning crash safety. The road sign post does not need to be protected with a railing. 

KAPU®-NE road sign posts have achieved the best results in crash safety compared to other posts with crash-safety properties on the market. None of the reported collisions (approximately 2,000) involved a serious injury.

KAPU®-NE road sign posts compliant with the EN 12767 standard are installed on an SJ concrete base. The durable clamping bolts of the base secure the post firmly in place. They also allow the angle of the post and sign plate to be adjusted on the base. SJ concrete bases are suitable for many different types of soil. A sufficiently large base in terms of geotechnical dimensioning (DL3) is ensured by using the OPTA spreadsheet program (source of OPTA Excel: Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s road instructions).

The suitability of the sign plate for the KAPU®-NE road sign post is also checked using this same OPTA spreadsheet. Post sizes vary from those suitable for small signs to those for large information signs. The maximum mass of the sign is 300 kg.

A post with crash-safety properties has its own fasteners for the horizontal tubes of the sign plate’s supporting framework and, in the event of a collision, these fasteners detach from the post. The fasteners are reliable and almost maintenance-free.

The overall appearance is extremely uniform because the post looks very similar to the most commonly used steel road sign posts and lighting poles.


The KAPU®-NE road sign post complies with the following standards:
EN 12767:2007, EN 12899, EN ISO 1461
CE marked
Made in Finland.
The hot-dip galvanised conical steel pole structure is patented.
We reserve the right to make changes to the technical specifications. 

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