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Flowbird parking terminals and applications

Flowbird products are designed and developed in Sweden. The company’s product and service range includes parking, public transport and other forms of urban travel.

Kaskea Parking imports, installs and services high-grade Flowbird parking terminals. The Flowbird product family consists of safe and modern parking terminals and a WebOffice application that allows you to control the terminals remotely and view real-time sales reports. The newest products in the range are the paperless parking solution Flowbird Permit and the parking control system Flowbird GO, in addition to which paperless parking terminals are also available.

Flowbird Go

Flowbird GO is a paperless and barrier-free parking system that utilises automatic number plate recognition.

The parking session starts automatically when the vehicle arrives in the car park or parking area and ends when it leaves. The motorist receives all the information they need about their parking on their device or devices, such as their mobile phone or computer. They can pay the parking fee safely by mobile phone, at the parking terminal, by web payment within 48 hours or a paper invoice. Flowbird GO works seamlessly with the Flowbird Permit parking system. Combining short-term parking and permit-based parking is easy when both these systems are in use.

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