Flowbird parking terminals, parking solutions and systems

Flowbird products are designed and developed in Sweden. The company’s product and service range includes parking, public transport and other forms of urban travel. Not only can Flowbird parking terminals be used as ticket terminals but also for other payments, such as entrance tickets and parking permits.

Kaskea Parking imports, installs and services high-grade Flowbird parking terminals. The Flowbird product family consists of safe and modern parking terminals and a WebOffice application that allows the remote control of the terminals and the viewing of real-time sales reports. The newest products in the range are the paperless parking solution Flowbird Permit and the parking system Flowbird GO.

In Finland, Flowbird parking terminals, known previously as Cale terminals, are by far the most popular type of ticket machine in the parking sector. The largest public transport company in Finland, HSL Helsinki Region Transport, also relies on Flowbird for its public transport payment system.

Flowbird parking terminals work excellently even in extreme conditions, such as in the city of Rovaniemi in Lapland, which is probably the most northern location that a terminal has been installed in Finland at the time of writing this. Flowbird terminals also operate well in tropical locations all over the world, such as in Hong Kong. Flowbird products and services can withstand virtually any environment. As far as parking products and services go, Flowbird covers almost everything, from payment and permit control to payment applications and management services. Flowbird pays special attention to user-friendliness, which is why Flowbird’s parking systems can be found in more than 40 countries.


Flowbird Weboffice (FWO)

Flowbird WebOffice (FWO) is a web-based remote control solution for Flowbird parking terminals. FWO allows you to easily monitor and update your terminals using a computer. FWO offers many useful functions to maximise efficiency, profit and ease of use. Consequently, it can save you money and increase your income, while improving your customer service.

Compact S5

Kaskea web S5 aurinkol

Compact S5 is the newest and best that parking terminals have to offer.

Compact S5 terminals have a 9.7” touch screen and their new processor, which is more efficient than ever, makes it possible to show diverse media content.

The user interface is fully customisable according to the customer’s wishes, which means that the terminal can act as a centre for local information on traffic news, for example, at trucking terminals.

The terminal can also be used to provide other information to citizens and travellers besides that relating to parking, such as maps, information about local tourist attractions and services offered by companies, etc.

The terminal’s power consumption is so low that it works entirely on the power produced by its own solar panel, even in the Nordic countries.

Thanks to its optical reader, you can offer your customers, for example, discount coupons whose QR or bar codes the terminal is able to read.

The modular structure means that it is easy to add features to the terminal retrospectively. The device is available in many RAL colours, making it easy to match it to the colour scheme of the customer’s premises. 

Some of the features described above are extras not included in the standard version.


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CWT Touch

Kaskea web touch aurinkol

CWT Touch is designed to provide its users a better experience.

The large 9” touch screen is a joy to use. The terminal is compatible with parking control that is based on the vehicle’s registration number.
The motorist can order a receipt by text message or email, in addition to a paper receipt. The device is 99% recyclable and its alternative paperless function produces fewer expenses for the parking operator and reduces environmental load.
The parking terminal has 25% more power compared to the previous generation and a 50% quicker start-up time, while also consuming 20% less energy.

Able to turn 360 degrees, the large 30W solar panel installed in the device, as well as the built-in antenna, meet the terminal’s power demand 100% without mains electricity. The blue LED-light integrated in its top part provides the terminal excellent visibility.

The modular structure means that it is easy to add features to the terminal retrospectively. A more powerful processor and large touch screen make it possible to show, for example, promotional videos, pictures and diverse media content on the large screen. What’s more, the device’s user interface is fully customisable.

The terminal accepts card payments (EMV and contactless), as well as coins. The basic language versions available are Finnish, Swedish and English, but Russian, German and French can be added.

Some of the features described above are extras not included in the standard version.


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Upgrade kits for parking terminals

kaskea paivityspaketti

Upgrade kits are available for Cale 104 and Compact terminals.

The kit will bring new functionality to your existing terminal. For example, a terminal with coin payment can be turned into a card payment terminal with web access and a touch screen. In other words, your existing terminal can be brought in line with a CWT Touch or Compact S5 terminal, with all the new features. By choosing our upgrade kit, you save money and benefit the environment.