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Flowbird parking terminals and applications

Flowbird products are designed and developed in Sweden. The company’s product and service range includes parking, public transport and other forms of urban travel.
Kaskea Parking imports, installs and services high-grade Flowbird parking terminals. The Flowbird product family consists of safe and modern parking terminals and a WebOffice application that allows the remote control of the terminals and the viewing of real-time sales reports. The newest products in the range are the paperless parking solution Flowbird Permit and the parking control system Flowbird GO, in addition to which paperless parking terminals are also available.

Flowbird Permit

Flowbird Permit is a safe web-based parking solution.

Flowbird Permit makes managing various parking permits simple and easy. Its various applications include, for example, parking permits for employees, visitors and housing companies. This paperless parking permit solution is less expensive to maintain and, what’s more, eco-friendly. The electronic system ensures that data is always up to date. The application is extremely user-friendly. The customer portal allows customers to manage their data, such as changing their vehicle details. Flowbird Permit works seamlessly with the Flowbird GO parking control system, and combining short-term parking and permit-based parking is easy when both these systems are in use.

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