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Signage and stickers

Kaskea Traffic’s product range covers the whole gamut of signage. With our decades of expertise, we offer flexible manufacture of signage and special signs designed by the customer for both outdoor and indoor use.

We make signage for road and bridge construction sites, municipalities and cities, as well as wayfinding maps for industrial estates, wayfinding signs and maps for outdoor recreation areas and exterior wayfinding site maps for apartment complexes. Our product range also covers house number signs, street and road name signs, name badges, stickers and sticker letters, engraved plaques and special signs intended for industrial safety.

Our know-how combined with our versatile machinery and equipment allows us to carry out our customers’ wishes from small plaques and name badges to large outdoor signs.

Feedstuff store plates

Kaskea Traffic also offers feedstuff store plates, which are easy to order. The purpose behind marking feedstuff stores and using identifiers is to improve the traceability of feed. The plates are made of one millimetre thick aluminium that is coated with reflective R1 film.

The individualised identification plate contains the farm identification code, running store number and the bar code, which consists of the store number and farm identification code. The identification plate is designed to be attached to the silo’s feed pipe using silo fastening clips (100–114 mm) or stainless steel pipe clips.

If the feedstuff stores are indoors or otherwise hidden, a separate storage sign can be made to help with finding the stores.


Signage for road construction sites

Kaskea Traffic’s product range also includes signage systems and equipment for road construction sites. We also manufacture signage systems according to the customer’s wishes and drawings. Traffic management and barrier equipment are easy to order from our online store or by contacting our customer service personnel. We are more than happy to help you plan a signage system that meets your needs. 

You can find additional product-specific information about our traffic management products in our online store by clicking on the product in question. You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section of our website.


The Traffic Team

Janika Kojola

Janika Kojola

Sales Coordinator
Tiina Jarvenpaa

Tiina Järvenpää

Sales Expert
Tommi Sandberg

Tommi Sandberg

Works Manager, Installation
Kimmo Tuunanen

Tuunanen Kimmo

Production Manager
Joni Rintala

Joni Rintala

Factory Service Manager

CE marking of road signs

CE marking is a way for a manufacturer to prove that their road signs comply with European harmonised standards and their manufacture meets the appropriate quality assurance requirements. CE marking requires that fixings with CE markings are always supplied with road signs (road sign = the sign panel and the film attached to it; sign panel = sign panel blank, stiffening channels and fixings). On the back of the road sign are marked the standard, the year in which the marking is affixed, the CE-standard class of the film (R1, R2 or R3), the class of the sign panel edge (E1, E2 or E3) and whether the sign face is pierced (P3=no, or P2=yes for the purpose of fixings). A warranty label that provides the name of the product manufacturer and the date of manufacture is also attached to the back of road and information signs. Laatukilpi Oy (now known as Kaskea Traffic) was one of the first companies in Finland to be granted the right to use the CE marking in accordance with the EN 12899-1 standard. The right to use the CE marking applies to road signs, the fixings of road signs and the posts to which the signs are attached.

Download the CE certificate – Road signs and posts
(in Finnish)