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Products to ensure traffic safety and flow

Kaskea Traffic has a long tradition of manufacturing Finnish road signs. For more than 50 years, we have been manufacturing all the road and information signs used in Finland, in accordance with the regulations of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

We are a versatile company that specialises in ensuring traffic safety and flow. As well as road signs, we make and sell high-quality traffic management products, barriers and barrier equipment. Our range also includes all the fixings, posts, pole bases, and concrete bases and elements needed to erect road and information signs.


CE marking of road signs

CE marking is a way for a manufacturer to prove that their road signs comply with European harmonised standards and their manufacture meets the appropriate quality assurance requirements. CE marking requires that fixings with CE markings are always supplied with road signs (road sign = the sign panel and the film attached to it; sign panel = sign panel blank, stiffening channels and fixings). On the back of the road sign are marked the standard, the year in which the marking is affixed, the CE-standard class of the film (R1, R2 or R3), the class of the sign panel edge (E1, E2 or E3) and whether the sign face is pierced (P3=no, or P2=yes for the purpose of fixings). A warranty label that provides the name of the product manufacturer and the date of manufacture is also attached to the back of road and information signs. Laatukilpi Oy (now known as Kaskea Traffic) was one of the first companies in Finland to be granted the right to use the CE marking in accordance with the EN 12899-1 standard. The right to use the CE marking applies to road signs, the fixings of road signs and the posts to which the signs are attached.

Download the CE certificate – Road signs and posts
(in Finnish)

Road sign poster

We have created a poster of road signs that comply with the Finnish Road Traffic Act which came into force on 1 June 2020.

Download the poster



The Traffic Team

Janika Kojola

Janika Kojola

Sales Coordinator
Tiina Jarvenpaa

Tiina Järvenpää

Sales Expert
Tommi Sandberg

Tommi Sandberg

Works Manager, Installation
Kimmo Tuunanen

Tuunanen Kimmo

Production Manager
Joni Rintala

Joni Rintala

Factory Service Manager